GUK Intranet

Digital Transformation

Guarding UK had complex sets of operations across multiple departments for staff management. They wanted to consolidate these processes into one intranet to make internal operations smoother and easier.

Planning, exploration and understanding were key to the success of the project. The quantity of data was huge, so two of our team were dedicated to working on this in order to keep the knowledge focussed and ensuring that all elements were tracked. The design of the intranet has a really clear, simple and informative style to make it intuitive and easy to use for all levels of users, especially the staff who access it remotely.

Our understanding and application of their requirements went far beyond the clients’ top level requirements, needing a huge amount of planning and documentation to develop sets of forms, complex user access levels, permissions, admin controls and internal management processes. Simplicity, clarity and intuition were the core components of the intranet, building a system which is strong, fluid and provides staff the functions they require, at every level across the business.